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Items No.: BS-WOL ( Made In Japan )

Type: Fluorocarbon Wind-On Leader 25'

Length: 25 feet

Test (Lb): 30, 50, 80, 100, 200, 300

Description: The same quick and easy-to-use wind-on leaders but with fluorocarbons instead of monofilament. The great advantage of fluorocarbon over mono is the fluorocarbon is closer to water in its light-refracting properties, therefore less visible in the water. Fluorocarbon also sinks twice as fast as mono. Leaders are 25 feet long.

What is a wind-on Leader: A wind-on leader is attached to a fishing reel's main line via a loop to loop connection, allowing the angler to crank the leader through the rod guides and onto the reel. Conventional leaders force the angler to stop reeling when the swivel reaches the rod tip, leaving the remaining length of leader in the water and requiring the use of a leader man. Wind-ons are typically 25 feet long, but can also be custom ordered in any desired length.

Why use a Wind-On?: Wind-on leaders are safer because a fish does not need to be hand-lined by a leader man. With wind-ons, leaders on lures can be reduced to 5 feet. After winding the leader through the rod, the fish is close to the boat and the angler has better control. Used with bait fishing, the wind-on leader can be connected directly to swiveled or ringed hooks for the ultimate stealth presentation. Wind-ons also allow the angler to precisely tailor terminal tackle to changing situations by simply changing the leader via a loop to loop connection. Dropping down in line size or changing from trolling to live bait or chunking leaders has never been easier.