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Items No.: Machine Chain-11

Head Color: Gold, Blue, Pink, Green, Dark Green, Red, Black, Purple

Head Style: Round beads inside, Triangle beads inside, No beads head, Epoxy inside, Lead inside

Machine Size: 6" 9" and 12"

Skirt Color: Green, Rainbow, Purple, White, Blue, Black, Dark Green, Pink. Any colors available

Line: 200lb Mono Leader

Package: 12" × 12" Nice Lure Bag

Hook: 8/0 9/0 or 10/0 Mustad Trolling Hook

The Green Machine Daisy Chain come with 3 teaser machines and 1 stinger machine, the stinger with Mustad trolling hook (or SS hook) or with a Ball bearing swivel snap, stinger color same as teaser or different as teaser color. Change the stinger very easy.

In Stinger machine, we put enough red triangle plastic beads. The chain with 200lb 1.4mm top quality mono leaders. And very strong crimps, our all crimps are made by hand. And thick plastic protector for the loop leader. SS spring protector for hook part loop leader.